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Joan Satt

joansatt_1392928758_140After a trip to the vast and unspoiled state of Alaska, and after ten year in the retail business with a boutique on Sunset Boulevard, Joan decided it was time to address the withering of the wilderness as personified by the melting of the Mendenhall Glacier…standing in front of it once could almost see it receding. That was in the 1980s.

The biggest problem seemed to be over population, but that was already being expertly studied. The next biggest problem was what to do with all the trash the too many people generated. Joan’s “aha” moment came when a large waste company denied it was a problem.

Joan’s next move was to enroll in the UCLA Principles of Solid Waste Management program. This overview course was almost TMI, but after more than half the course was over, up came the recycling component and another “aha” moment.

Just then, the City of Los Angeles opened its first commercial and multi-family recycling office—the Integrated Solid Waste Management Office—with Joan Edwards from New York at the helm. Through a series of fortuitous circumstances, Joan went to work in the ISWMO where she stayed for four years.

In 1994, armed with her L.A. experience, Joan went on to head up her own program in the City of Culver City where she was able to expand the residential recycling program by implementing a single-stream automated system. Joan also brought recycling to the large facilities, such as Sony Studios. In the meantime it became clear that recycling and waste reduction were the easiest ways to involve each and every citizen in the fight against global warming, climate change, and resource conservation.

Currently, Joan is a Recycling Consultant for the City of West Hollywood.

Joan has expanded her environmental credentials by becoming a LEED AP, that is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Accredited Professional. She is interested in helping build sustainable projects that protect and respect not only where they are built, but also the people who build and occupy them.

Joan is dedicated to bringing solid environmental leadership to each of the 88 cities in the county and is proud to serve on the Board of LALCV to do this.