About Us

152LALCV is the only environmental Political Action Committee (PAC) in Los Angeles County. LALCV’s mission is to endorse and support candidates in Los Angeles County and its 88 cities for Mayor, City Council, and County Supervisor who exhibit a knowledge of, and commitment to, preserving and protecting the environment. LALCV also endorses and supports environmental ballot initiatives. It does not take positions on issues that come before legislative bodies.

LALCV has an all-volunteer board and no staff. LALCV board members are a diverse group with a shared commitment to the environment and electoral politics. LALCV began its work some 30 years ago by concentrating almost exclusively on the City of Los Angeles. Beginning in 2000, LALCV expanded its reach to include races throughout Los Angeles County and is committed to expanding its involvement to an increasing number of cities.

All of LALCV’s funds come from sponsorships and contributions from individuals and organizations. LALCV has two fundraising events each year: in the spring, at the Smith-Weiss Environmental Champion Awards LALCV honors elected officials, community groups, and individuals who have made major contributions to preserving and protecting the environment in Los Angeles County; Just Desserts brings together friends and supporters each December for a casual afternoon of food and wine.

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