Endorsement Process

If you are running for political office, this is what you need to know about LALCV’s endorsement process:

All candidates for elected office in Los Angeles County qualify to participate in LALCV’s endorsement process, although LALCV does not participate in every race. For the elections in which it does get involved, LALCV makes best efforts to reach out to all candidates and include them in its process.

For all races, the LALCV Board of Directors uses a four-step process in making its endorsements: First, the Board reviews upcoming elections and decides which city or cities provide opportunities for LALCV involvement. It carefully considers the local environmental issues and vulnerability of the community, as well as the candidates for office. Candidates and community members often reach out directly to LALCV with a request for it to become involved in a specific race or ballot initiative.

Second, an endorsement team, made up entirely of Board members, is formed for each race in which LALCV determines it will become involved. In large cities, such as Los Angeles and Long Beach, an endorsement team is usually formed for each district/race. In smaller cities, one team often covers the entire election. For each race, a questionnaire is sent via electronic mail to all declared candidates, and a deadline by which the questionnaire must be returned is specified. From the questionnaires fully completed and received on time, the endorsement team members determine which candidates, if any, qualify for an in-person interview.

The in-person interview is the third step of LALCV’s endorsement process. During the interview (which generally lasts 45 minutes to an hour), each candidate is asked the same set of questions. Upon completion of the interviews, the endorsement team evaluates the candidates and determines whether or not to make a recommendation for endorsement to the entire LALCV Board.

The final step in LALCV’s endorsement process is a vote of the full Board. If a team recommends an endorsement for a particular candidate, the Board discusses the recommendation and then votes. In some cases, the Board will also elect to financially support a candidate or ballot initiative along with its endorsement. Endorsed candidates are notified by LALCV’s President as soon after the decision as is possible.

LALCV is sensitive to conflicts of interest. As such, no Board member who is involved, or could be perceived as being involved, in a particular race or supporting a particular candidate may serve on the endorsement team for that race. In addition, before voting on an endorsement, all Board members involved in that race or supporting a particular candidate must disclose their involvement.

LALCV reserves its right to make public the positions on the issues that a candidate expresses to LALCV during its endorsement process.

To request LALCV’s participation in an election in Los Angeles County, please click here.