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A Note From LALCV President Tom Eisenhauer

Thanks to the outstanding contributions of LALCV’s dynamic Board of Directors, I can say that the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters is stronger and more vibrant than ever in the history of our organization. In just the last few years, we have endorsed and helped elect candidates in cities as varied as Los Angeles, Maywood and El Segundo.

None of our great work could be done, however, without your incredibly generous support. You are responsible for us growing from a $7,000-a-year group to a more than $160,000-a-year political action committee with clout and visibility in just ten years!

Not everyone is aware that most of the environmental policies and laws that have the most direct impact on the residents of Los Angeles County are approved or voted down by City Councils.

Whether it’s Culver City’s natural gas fleet of city vehicles, water quality in Maywood, protection of natural resources in Agoura Hills, or the establishment of an Environmental Commission in Monterey Park, City Councils make many of the most critical environmental decisions affecting their residents. This is why it is so important to have City Council members with an understanding of and commitment to environmental principals, and why the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters (LALCV) was formed almost 30 years ago. We help elect such candidates and we have made a difference.

As the only environmental Political Action Committee (PAC) in Los Angeles County, LALCV has a unique position in the environmental community. That position allows us to both endorse candidates and contribute to their campaigns. In the past several years, we have contributed almost $180,000 to help elect good candidates and support ballot measures aimed at improving the environment. We have also sponsored debates for candidates for Los Angeles Mayor, Los Angeles County Supervisor, Long Beach City Council, and the Los Angeles City Attorney. All of these were televised and gave voters an opportunity to choose good environmental candidates for these important positions. LALCV spent almost $30,000 on these debates.

Not only do we need your financial support, but we need your voice. Your feedback has assisted us in identifying the environmental champions we have honored over the past six years. Your inquiries about and support of our endorsed candidates, and your attendance at our Smith-Weiss Environmental Champion Awards Celebration rank you as highly active, participatory and concerned citizens. So, thank you. We need you to keep up this effort, and we need more people like you.

Now would be a great time for you to make a contribution. Support LALCV and the candidates we endorse, and ask your friends and family to do the same.

Thank you for your past support and for the support we know you have yet to give.

Tom Eisenhauer
LALCV President