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Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters endorses Eric Garcetti for Los Angeles Mayor


For Immediate Release: 12 January 2017

Media Contact: Shona Ganguly, shona@lalcv.net


Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters endorses Eric Garcetti for Los Angeles Mayor


(Los Angeles County) – The Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters (LALCV) – which has supported pro-environment local candidates throughout Los Angeles County for more than three decades – today announced its endorsement of Eric Garcetti for Mayor of the City of Los Angeles in the upcoming March 7th election.


“Eric Garcetti has a longtime environmental champion with an extraordinary record of making LA work for the people he represents,” said LALCV Director Aura Vasquez, who led the organization’s Endorsement Team for this race. “Mayor Garcetti has integrated sustainability into every City department and emphasized that protecting the environment is a core value, not an afterthought. Under Garcetti’s leadership, LA has the nation’s boldest transportation plan – to reduce traffic and improve air quality – and a groundbreaking homelessness plan that will improve public health and quality-of-life for neighborhoods throughout the city.”


Mayor Garcetti’s environmental priorities have included climate change, homelessness, air pollution, renewable energy, Los Angeles River restoration, parks, open space, public health, and transit. For example, he implemented LA’s first Sustainable City pLAn, exceeded his goal of 1,000 publicly available electric vehicle-charging stations (more than any city in the country), and led efforts to pass landmark initiatives to improve transportation (Measure M) and tackle homelessness (Measure HHH).


More information on Mayor Garcetti’s campaign is available at https://www.ericgarcetti.com.


About the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters

Founded in 1976, the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters (LALCV) is dedicated to electing leadership throughout Los Angeles County to preserve, protect and enhance the environment. LALCV has helped elect more than 100 pro-environment officials throughout the county. LALCV endorsements are determined by its all-volunteer Board, which is composed of Los Angeles County residents committed to advancing environmental priorities.


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