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Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters opposes Santa Monica’s L.U.V.E. ballot initiative

For Immediate Release:  August 16, 2016
Media Contact: Shona Ganguly,
Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters opposes Santa Monica’s L.U.V.E. ballot initiative
(Los Angeles County)  The Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters (LALCV)  which has supported pro-environment local candidates and issues throughout Los Angeles County for more than three decades  today announced its opposition to the so-called “Land Use Voter Empowerment (L.U.V.E.)” initiative that will appear on the November ballot in Santa Monica.The L.U.V.E. initiative would result in significant harm to the environment by reducing the availability of affordable housing in Santa Monica, thereby forcing workers to commute long distances. This would result in additional congestion, air pollution, and climate impacts. The initiative would also create voter fatigue by placing so many development projects on the ballot.This could result in lower voter turnout overall. For these reasons, LALCV opposes the L.U.V.E.initiative.
“LALCV is concerned that the L.U.V.E. initiative would turn back Santa Monica’s progressives sustainability efforts and result in less affordable housing and more regional sprawl,” said Tom Eisenhauer, President of the LALCV.More information on the No on L.U.V.E. campaign is available at
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